Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Everyone at work is getting very excited about collaboration. They do this by talking about applications like Google Wave and Google Docs... Nobody is collaborating about their collaboration. Few people are thinking about collaboration outside of the App. It's like you can install collaboration. Is this the new capitalism? It used to be that you could buy fame, success, beauty. That you could purchase who you wanted to be. Now you can install the society you wish to be surrounded in. I need to create and cash in on a buzz word for this effect. Applic-nation. Nope - that's rubbish.

Why can't it be more like playing

I did some wonderful things when I was a kid. I was just playing. I didn't care if anyone was watching or if I got it right, or how it would work out down the line. I didn't care if the play was constructive or would be judged. I didn't care if it was PC or not. Why can't it just be more like playing.